Our Story

The transformation begins

We like to think that the building we occupy is a picture of our church family. We gather in a building that used to be a bar and grill that closed down some time ago. Some of the folks who are a part of our church family used to frequent the bar when it was open. The building was purchased by Calvary Chapel in 1999 and thus the transformation begun. Initially the outside of the building remained the same while the inside of the building was transformed.

the transformation continues

A few years later the transformation of the building began to manifest outwardly as the old sign was fixed up, the building was painted and the back area was fenced in and made into a nice area for the kids and for our monthly barbecues.

In October of 2013 our building again went through another transformation. We added a 1,000 sq. ft. to our sanctuary and completely remodel it.

In May of 2020  we were able to remodel our bathrooms.

In April of 2021 we were able to  fix up our back building so that a  local Christian Home School group could use it. Our hope is to one day replace the building with a new building that can be used for Sunday School rooms and rooms for the Home School group as well as possibly a fellowship hall.

The picture

The Lord has shown us that these transformations are a reflection of what God is doing in our lives. He is transforming each one of us into the image of Jesus. Much of the transformation happens inwardly, but eventually the transformation manifests itself outwardly.

We know that our lives, as they are being changed, are different than they used to be thanks to mighty working power of God. If you would like to experience this transformation in your own life, come and join us and meet the One who can transform your life.

Be a part of our story...

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